Probiotics have transformed the food and supplement markets and received a lot of attention over the years for empowering individuals to aid their own health. From yogurt to kefir to kombucha and even kimchi, manufacturers are moving health forward with everyday foods to help people stay healthy. What’s often overlooked is that prebiotics are also fundamental to aiding a healthy gut and overall system.

What’s the difference?

Probiotics are friendly bacteria that help maintain a healthy human microbiome, the collection of microorganisms supporting an array of bodily systems. Prebiotics act as the fuel or food for the probiotics working tirelessly throughout your stomach, small intestine, and colon. Without these two, essential functions like our immune system and metabolism could not perform properly.

Benefits from both

As we age and become exposed to different environments and new stresses, our bodies can lose particular beneficial bacteria ultimately leaving the body vulnerable when fighting illnesses or chronic diseases. While most probiotic strains have been used to address general digestive wellness and immunity, new research on the microbiome suggests that new probiotics could be developed that are effective at targeting a range of diseases and improving overall health.

At Pendulum, our scientists have been able to identify precise strains of beneficial bacteria that help restore lost functionality in the gut microbiome of people with type 2 diabetes. Our product contains targeted strains of probiotics (beneficial bacteria) and a prebiotic (food to fuel bacteria) that help people with type 2 diabetes manage healthy A1C levels and blood sugar spikes. By harnessing the power of both prebiotics and probiotics and all we know about the microbiome, we’re able to strive towards a brighter future filled with health and wellness.